2016/17 fw women's fabric trend forecast

Issuing time:2020-03-25 00:00

There is a kind of beauty called hazy beauty, nylon fabrics from fuzzy milky luster into milky translucent effect. The matte coating of the rubber surface treatment creates a vague sense of transparency, using double-layer fabric to enhance the depth and stereoscopic sense, and the texture of the lower layer is faintly revealed.

Luxurious material of nylon

Inspired by the deconstruction of traditional clothing, the luxury style of nylon combines high-tech nylon, gorgeous duke forging and exquisite leather to create luxurious and noble fabric materials.

Hanfeng fast fashion women's wear brand: the target customers are 18-35 years old urban fashion crowd, is a famous brand of Korean fast fashion women's wear, with the characteristics of "many styles, fast update, cost-effective" won the favor of urban fashion crowd.

Korean fashion women's wear: follow the trend of Korean fashion, with unique design, exquisite workmanship, high-quality fabrics for the workplace women to provide more fashion options, let urban white-collar women in the free transformation of career and life, send out a unique wisdom and charming charm.

Korean wind fast fashion men's wear brand: from the model of Korean fashion trend, grasp the pulse of the trend, release the true self, the city is full of confidence and vitality of male temperament to show vividly. Fashion slim version, simple and smooth lines, leading men to get a more high-end quality Korean fashion.

Hanfeng fast fashion children's wear brand: is a brand of hanfeng fast fashion children's wear. Among them is a kind and lovely girl, is cheerful naughty boy, they represent men and women respectively children's clothing. Advocating the product concept of healthy fashion, through the safety fabric and professional metal detector quality inspection, to provide children with fashion, comfort, safety as one of the quality children's clothing, by the urban hot mom's trust and love.

Korean fast fashion sweet girl brand: is the Korean style fast fashion sweet girl brand under the han du yi she group. With sweet, fresh and lovely style by many young women after, the main customer group is 17 years old to 25 years old fashionable women, choose to choose fashion, choose colorful life. It will lead you to a world full of magical colors and fairytale princess colors.

Hanfeng fast fashion plus-size women's wear brand: it is an original designer brand specialized in mid-end plus-size women's wear under handu yishe group. Led by a young and energetic team, we are determined to become a famous brand of Korean fast fashion plus-size women's wear in China. The outstanding designers of handu group are gathered for this goal. They are oriented by Korean style design and pursue high quality and comfortable wearing experience. Every woman is a queen!

Korean fashion fast fashion mother dress: with modern sense and strong sense of fashion elegant casual style, gathered the excellent middle-aged and elderly women's dress design and r & d team, let senior, mature fashion women show confidence in various occasions, leading the design trend of Chinese original middle-aged and elderly women's dress.

European and American fast fashion women's clothing brand: the main European and American fashion style, simple and comfortable, the trend of joker. Combined with the characteristics of different crowd shape and skin color, perfect integration of European and American fashion elements, simple and free lines, for fashion, free women spend body to create business, leisure, vacation fashion personality.

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